From the Elders at
St. Paul Lutheran Church

Health, happiness, and all good things to you and your family from Christ Jesus.

   This greeting to you is from the Elders and Pastor at St. Paul Lutheran Church.  The Elders are a group of men from the church whose commitment and call is to assist the Pastor in the ministry of the church; evangelism, worship, service, discipline, and counseling.

   We are reaching out to you, the family of St. Paul Lutheran School to let you know that we would love to minister to you and your family in any way the Lord allows.  Some of you have a home church and some of you may be in a phase of discovery.  We would be blessed, in any case, to meet with you or just talk and share with you the love of the Savior.

   Please pray for the continued blessing of our church and school and for the Lord's eternal glory.  Please call the church office or school office to arrange contact from the Pastor or Elders, or email us at

God bless and keep you.

The Elders at St. Paul Lutheran Church