St. Paul Lutheran Church

St. Paul was founded in 1959 and a simple but lovely sanctuary was built in 1960 where God's Word and Sacraments are shared.

What We Believe

St. Paul Lutheran Church is affiliated with the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod. We believe in the basic tenets of the Christian faith and observe the holy sacraments of Baptism and Holy Communion. Communion is held every Sunday, with the option of wine or grape juice as the participant prefers.

Beliefs as outlined by The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod

With the universal Christian Church teaches and responds to the love of the Triune God: the Father, creator of all that exists; Jesus Christ, the Son, who became human to suffer and die for the sins of all human beings and to rise to life again in the ultimate victory over death and Satan; and the Holy Spirit, who creates faith through God's Word and Sacraments. The three persons of the Trinity are coequal and coeternal, one God. Being "Lutheran," our congregations accept and teach Bible-based teachings of Martin Luther that inspired the reformation of the Christian Church in the 16th century. The teaching of Luther and the reformers can be summarized in three short phrases: Grace alone, Faith alone, Scripture alone.

We encourage all ages to attend one of several Bible Studies offered, not only on Sunday morning but the special Monday night Life Light and the men's group on Thursday evening.

St. Paul has active youth and young adults groups that do all sorts of activities from camping, canoe trips, retreats, Vacation Bible School, swim nights, Hang-time fellowship, OAFC, and they participate in various community events.

The Missouri Synod Lutheran Church has two auxiliaries which St. Paul members are active in. All women are considered member of the one auxiliary, The Lutheran Women Missionary League (LWML). And members are asked to sponsor the Lutheran Layman's League (Lutheran Hour Ministries) which does many outreach programs along with their Christian radio broadcast.

Members are encouraged to give of their time, talents, & treasures for God's service in the church and the community. We offer the usual congregational activities: fellowship meals, we also offer some exciting alternative events. Every year we hold at least one Swap meet/rummage sale. The business of the church is handled by our Planning Council, made of members elected by the congregation to represent structure groups within the church, for example Board of Youth, or Board of Trustees. Once a year, members are required to attend Voters Meetings to vote in board members and other business of the church.

San Pablo Apostol - our Spanish church

St. Paul was commissioned by the FL/GA District Hispanic ministry to meet the growing neighborhood needs for a Spanish congregation. La Iglesia Luterana San Pablo Apostol was created with Rev. Alvey Yates as the first ordained pastor in 1984. At the present time, Pastor Sielk conducts the Spanish congregation. Please see the website information for worship times.

Other Features on our Church Grounds

Thanks to a wonderful donor, a large chickee hut was constructed in 1989 by the Miccosukee Indians where fellowship dinners and community meetings are often held in its cool breezeway. While the roof has had to be replaced several times due to hurricane damage, it still remains a much appreciated cool addition to our landscape.

It was the dream of one of our church members to have a Prayer Garden, a beautiful spot to inter the ashes of beloved members now gone. The garden was constructed in 1989 and has been modified twice. As part of a conservation project in 2001, the local Eagle Scout's troop replanted the garden with tropical plants native to the area that would not require less water. It is ironic then, that on behalf of a member whose ministry is to bring fresh water to third world countries, that a simple hand pump was installed in 2006.

Building Usage and Community Outreach

Some of the groups that use our facility are: AA, Overeaters, and Narcotics Anonymous.

We at St. Paul church have been blessed with a large area of buildings and grounds with which to benefit the community. We gladly share our buildings with several local community groups who help others.

Use of our facilities may be granted to any group that we feel may be a benefit to the neighborhood; depending upon approval by the members' Planning Council and with respect to our guidelines.


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